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About me: An Archetypal Self Portrait

"The end is in the beginning, the beginning is in the end..."

Here I am.

I am that I am.

Greetings in Peace !

Deep within a lifelong meditation, that initiated with the Pleiades star energy, it was from a humble beginning that this cosmic opportunity was presented before me. As I was leaving high school, and having studied meditation for 2 years already, it felt time to venture to far of lands and partake in a mountain retreat.

This was in Mount Shasta, California, and the meditation system I was there to receive teachings from was called Pleiadian Lightwork. How did I end up at this mountain retreat in 1998 ?

This goes deeper into my roots and the holistic focus of both my mother and brother, who were key in helping me find my own path in life, and through our work with holistic healing. I was introduced for instance to the energy healing of Reiki by hearing of their practice of channeling energy from the universal energy fields down through the central pillar, axis, or spine and out through the hands. This was generally done to clear energy in the etheric fields or via hands on healing on specific areas of the body related to organs or chakras.

I was also present at various guided mediations and the concept of working with archetypes, as beings of light that carry specific energy. Characters like St. Germain, Merlin, Arthur, Lao-Tze, Quan Yin, Buddha, Magdalene, the Elohim, Archangel Michael, Christ, and variety of other personages from both the historical narrative and celestial or mystic realms. These beings were always tuned into as beings of light, and in terms of light it is meaning radiance and resonance, beyond duality, as a spectrum of frequencies, dark would then include beings like Kali, Hades, Mordred, Loki, etc, but we focused on the light, with deep awareness of the lessons of both.

These archetypes show up in all ancient legends, myths & fairy tales. Meditations would be done before hand and sometimes crystal grids were setup on mandalas or we would hold specific crystals in our hands, usually Quartz, and others like Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds, and others.

These meditations would be empowered by breath, focusing the breathing while sitting in an upright chair with back straight, or cross legged on a cushion. Always starting with centering in the heart and working from there really. The breathing acts like a rhythm to calm the cardio-muscular system down. By breathing in for 5 and out for 5 seconds for instance we can calm our selves down into relaxed state, and bring down also our heartbeat to a relaxed level.

In these states its far more easier to Visualise, and it is with Visualization that these guided mediations were shared between us. Imagination is a very important aspect of energy work, Visualization is when your more active in deciding what your seeing, and there are reasons for this, when working with energy as breath. With our breath we fan the flames of our hearts, and also our heart chakras.

At the beginning of all of these experiences I took an objective view to begin with just observing and seeing what it was all about. Why was I so curious to know, is another level into my deeper story of myself, the part of me that was just about to become a teenager when I had a very intense and serious food poisoning. For 2 weeks I was very ill and lost a lot of weight and it got to the point where I was puking blood and my temperature was reaching critical levels.

This is one of those synchronicities that to this day I wonder what are the chances. We had an internationally renowned douser staying with us at the time. Folks from all over the world would phone asking about the location of water on their land to dig wells, he would draw maps and use dousing to locate the spot and depth.

So when I was deathly ill, my mother asked for his help, and while the ambulance was coming, which was a while as we lived in the country. Frank the douser went into what he called a trance and worked with my energy fields using his pendulum. *I was totally delirious at this point

I was informed of everything once I came out of my fever and returned to my body. I say this as I vividly remember at one point seeing myself from the corner of the ceiling, sitting and floating up there looking down on myself, and feeling the most peaceful I've ever felt. This has led me to investigate things like Out of body experiences, Reincarnation, the concept of our Soul, both our own facet-incarnation and the collective Soul groups. Things like the Holographic universe were introduced to me by reading books about all these subjects.

Books didn't come to be part of my life until much later in my life though and it was actually the years between 1996-1998 that were the most key for me. Maths became one of my main strengths in school, and because of it, I found things like Chemistry and Design, anything with numbers and measurements more interesting and enjoyable. Though I wasn't really up for Physics, I took Art instead. Later I would find things like Quantum physics very interesting, as they provided new realms to explore ideas and theories.

One key book that was very instrumental was Jose Arguelles book "The Mayan Factor", which my brother gave me to borrow and read, also for some reason I found some channelled material very easy to resonant with, one particular book I got a lot of key energy teachings from was "The Pleiadian Agenda", which topics explore into the Galactic realms of archetypes, and back to our roots or creation-genesis "evolution" and ancient and timeless past.

Reading the Mayan Factor I found myself understanding the Mayan calendar very easily in fact within a matter of weeks thanks to a Kit for decoding birthdays I learnt the Dreamspell version of the Maya count of days. A couple of years later I would be introduced to the Traditional count of the Maya as well. I found both systems resonated so would use both, relating the Fixed Traditional one with our earth-now connections and the Dreamspell with our past-future selves.

I am 10 Ahau and 13 Eagle, born on the 4th of March 1980 (gregorian), which was a Tuesday the day associated with Mars. Being born in March meant that the gregorian month I was born in was also associated with Mars. Mars is the War God in the ancient Roman myths, though before he was a warrior he was a gardener called Maris (*from the Etruscans).

These experiences and awareness of the archetypes have helped me along my path. I like to say that the Path is the Destination. In my own personal mediations I found myself communicating with an elder called Many Feathers. The 1st image I saw was of his head-dress, it was a rainbow feathered head-dress and seeing it I felt an ancient connection with Many Feathers, I couldn't tell if I had met him in a previous life to begin with, but the connection felt very ancient indeed.

After the illness when I was up and about again I was told about Frank's experience in his trance. I was later informed that he had seen several of my previous lives and that he went very far back in time, through different ages until the Pyramid ages. This of course was a pretty far out thing to hear when I was 12 or 13.

Raah Psirus / Map of Life Times / Time Lines

(from Egypt to Scotland, and back again one day...)

Its certainly been a journey since then, and I was already a pretty quiet wee man, the near death experience helped me see things from a more expanded perspective, and I found I could easily relate to most everyone around, that is except the dominator males. I am a very peaceful person, and find the whole concept of violence childish, and unnecessary, war games basically, and I wouldn't engage their aggressive tendencies. However I was aware that if needed I could most likely defend myself, and was able to do that most times. It all seemed connected to that Mars archetype.

I chose the path of the Maris the gardener, and channeled my focus into studying the cycles of nature, as through the Mayan calendar information I found out about the 13 moons of peace. There are many versions of this calendar, the Druids, Native Americans, Mayas, Egyptians and the origins of our 7 day week all key into the 28 day common law months. It makes far more sense having 4 weeks x 7 days = 1 month of 28 days in time. Just as we have 3 feet x 12 inches = 1 yard of 36 inches in space.

These mathematical standards are found throughout the ancient world and each local tribe or culture had their own unique version, though some of them of course overlap. I like the accuracies of using precise measures, and I learnt a great deal from studying our own twisted history of calendar dramas, we inherited are rather clumsy calendar from the Romans.

Why do I feel its necessary to relate this all to you? Its a way of setting a scene for how I was to be catapulted into an completely magically and surreal reality. After studding the Pleiadian Lightwork and practicing twice daily mediations for about 3 years all the while tracking the Tzolkin cycles and reading more books, I got the inspiration to journey to the land of the Mayas.

It was at age 20, that I had managed to pool together enough for an adventure on a shoe string lasting 7 weeks in Mexico visiting the Pyramids. I worked as data entry clerk, at a variety of offices as a temp to create the funds, this was greatly helped by my family helping with the flight.

At this time in my life I had started to investigate deeper into the shamanic levels of mediation and had tried sacred-sacrements a few times. The way I took sacred-sacrements and the preparations I made allowed me to not have hallucinations of what wasn't there, but what I was seeing I could see the patterns in all things much more intricately, though of course in more intense trips, things started to melt a bit more. Also I liked the feeling of being more aware of my body, that lower dosages created.

During my time in the lands of Mayas, I was put in touch with a Maya shaman that was setting up a teaching academy to share their wisdom. I received some one to one teachings, and had timed being there at the temple of Chichen Itza for the Solar zenith in May 2000. * After also reading Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

This is called the day of no shadows (Solar zenith), a day to work with the energies to understand our shadow aspect and release attachments. I speak more in depth about the Solar zenith alignments in my own book too. This day was very potent day and I remember it being very windy at the top outside the main chamber looking down the edge.

While receiving the teachings I was given a initiation, that felt like an assemblage adjustment I'd been introduced to in the Pleiadian work, I was instantly shifted into a vivid day dream like alternative timeline. I was standing on top of the same pyramid but it felt like it was much further back in time, when the Pyramids were active temple centers.

There I was standing next to a character looking very much like Many Feathers, it felt like I was receiving another attunement, and had a single White Feather on my headdress. Visions aren't always extremely complex, for me seeing this White Feather reminded me of the teachings of Ma'at in Egyptian mysteries. At the point of death the weight of the heart-soul is balanced with a single White Feather. The Mayan elder related to me their meaning was the lightness of the feather, or lightness of being, of being in tune with the inner self and grounded in spirit and earth at the same time.

After the initiation I asked the Maya Shaman what was the word for Feather in Mayan, as part of my journey with my meditations was receiving my spirit name. During the meditations at Mount Shasta, at the end of the 3 months intensives, I was guided to work with the names of Ra for the Sun, and the star Sirius. I was seeing this energy connection in our more galactic meditations when we would venture off in our Visualizations. I saw there was a very strong heart energy connecting our Sun and Sirius.

In the sound healing practices, that I later did an intense workshop in and started to include chanting and vowel sounds in my meditations. The vowel sound or vibration of "Ah" is connected with the heart chakra, and so through further meditations I later felt I could introduce the Ah in between the Ra and the Sirius. So this became Ra-Ah-Sirius. I meditated with this name for another 6 months or so before I finally felt the right spelling or alchemy of the name was Raahsirus.

When I asked the Shaman for the name for Feather I was told that was called Kuk'um. I had already an awareness of the Mayan number names as using the calendar the numbers are worked with everyday. Their word for One in Mayan is Hun. So this produced the name Hun Kuk'um, or One Feather, and during the rest of my journey of 7 weeks ( self initiated rebirth bardo sequence ), I meditated on this name as the 2nd part of my spirit name to work with.

I later went on to officially change my name in the summer of 2001. I had been using the name for 3 years and so therefore had certificates to prove it, and here in Scotland I was able to do this at the local registry office. At this time I was also beginning to give presentations and workshops, on the Maya calendar and 13 moons. Plus occasional sound healing meditations. I nearly moved to Vermont to take a job with Heaven & Earth crystals. However things didn't work out and I came back to Scotland and found a job at a Coffee shop called Black Medicine where I worked for 2 years and was offered the manager position before deciding to leave and go on another few adventures.

One of these adventures was to Spain to a place called Eco-Forest, where I trained in a Permaculture design course at the same time as learning about benefits of Raw food style of living. At their community their main source of power was a small solar panel for charging laptops and phones. There was no electricity for things like ovens for instance. Though there were tasty sun-dried tomatoes there plus olives from many years ago harvests. I particularly enjoyed the experience of picking fresh oranges off the tree in the morning and making fresh orange juice.

When I was back from Spain I began another few years of study with Raw food eating and basics of nutrition, found out about some alternative healing supplements and super foods also became interesting to me. I always have enjoyed the occasional pizza though so apart from when I was fasting or cleansing I would have a varied diet and not take it all too seriously. Though I focused on eating healthy, and having treats from time to time, overall it was balance that helped me maintain a very healthy living style. I started doing the 5 Tibetan exercises as minimal Yoga style.

Throughout all of this I was always interested in going out and dancing to trance music mainly, drum and bass, house music occasionally and hip hop as well sometimes, and used it at as another form of meditation. It is a very ancient form of exercise, and also the very tribal feeling of being in a large group of people many of which were good friends and friends of friends. Dancing has always been known as the original gathering of the tribes. It being central to all communities.

Another adventure that held a huge influence on my path was going to the Boom festival of 2002, where I go to meet loads of equally interesting cosmic adventurers from around the planet, listen to very interesting presentations and dance loads for several days leading up to a Full Moon.

The night of the Full Moon there was this massive storm and I had also chosen that evening to activate with sacred-sacrements, and before starting went to the lake and did a water ceremony connecting with the water and giving thanks for its cleansing power and ability to flow in the moment. That was a very surreal evening of dancing under the moon with the planetary tribes and the potency of the festival was just right it being a much smaller festival back then I felt it more easy to deal with.

All of these adventures and experiences have influenced my own research and art. I was later to develop website called: to share my art and research in a fractal form. Inspired by holographic consciousness and the unity and diversity of the universe I went about categorizing the Codes. Earth, Lunar, Solar and Galactic is how it began, and at this time I had also started emphasizing my energy connection with Arcturus, and the energy group called the Arcturian Protectorate 108.


For several years now, from 2002-2008 I was gathering my notes and researching many documentaries and surfing web, I also began to put together unique collection of Visuals for local Psy-trance nights, and founded the Visual Gnosis project. Sampling from old movies, documentaries, I began sampling and then rendering loops for mixing live visuals at events we put together.

2008 was the year went live, and I started uploading my research with the intention of eventually turning it all into a book one day, its been a long road, and to be honest I've thought of giving up several times, as I find keeping up with the academic levels of presentation, while also digging deeper into more new research hard to maintain, though making the website was invaluable tool to help organize everything. I've accumulated over hundred gigs of documents, graphics, web-pages, spreadsheets, to back up my research.

The purpose of my work has always been dedicated to Peace and the unity of our ancestral wisdom. The general historical narrative we grow up with supports the mind set of the winners writing the history books, and in the process several militaristic cultures have attempted to wipe out and take over other peoples land. I look forward to the day when all the wars stop, and we can sit down and smoke a peace pipe. Its either that or just more of the usual smoke and mirror tactics. Our planet deserves to live in peace, we have far more important purpose than fighting over this beautiful and sacred planet.

Aligning to the codes of nature and the cosmos, or as above and so below, is where I think this all begins from, and also where the end of history takes place. This was the archetypal energy 2012 really was highlighting, (not another doomsday like all the main stream media focused upon). This lame-stream linear mindset of always counting upwards (distorting the truth), and ignoring the sacred cycles is a major problem for our planet as it keeps people out of touch with the natural reality that is the foundation of their existence.

Going back to my roots, and studying the various calendars, oracles systems, the mathematics behind the pyramids and other sacred sites and ancient myths and legends has helped me to understand the celestial harmony that our ancestors were aware of and designed into their temples. Of course there has always been an element within all cultures that had a more aggressive mindset, but when this was balanced by the mystical experience of initiation of sacred plants, was in many cases transformed into a path of the sacred warrior or defender.

I think our world has lost touch with this sacred path of the warrior, and nowadays is normal for the most advanced cultures to sell their older weapons to less developed cultures, like a game of planetary chess they need other people with weapons to play war games with, and the sale of weapons are a very lucrative enterprise, while causing the most horrendous death disease and destruction all around us.

My work builds upon the idea of calendar change as a planetary peace moment into "Global Shift" with the added element of changing the leap-day as well. This is down to a matter of accuracy and like upgrading our modern computer operating systems every year or so, we are due a planetary upgrade. I've outlined in my book the formula and precepts to do this is a harmonious way timed to the occurrence of Total Solar Eclipses at the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere, *there is also a mirrored version for the southern hemisphere.

Spring Equinox was chosen as its the most common start point, connected to the Dawn point of the year. *the 13 Moons of peace system uses the Solar zenith at Teotituacan-Tenochtitlan 19.47 N. These system are variation on a theme. is the evolutionary completion point of this 18 year long journey of Raahsirus. Now Raah Psirus :-)

In the last few years I've gone through a massive catalytic transformation, while working on several new projects, a set of Oracle cards bubbled to the service.

These cards would form a new system to communicate all the various key synchronic templates.

Adding to the already existing Earth, Lunar, Solar and Galactic, I added 2 more sections. These are called the Alchemy and Zodiac levels.

The Alchemy level includes much more of my own specific discoveries, which are also in the other section too.

The Zodiac level allowed me to differentiate between the unique Galactic star alignments, and the various Zodiac systems.

Born out of the catalytic 2012 portal, I was determined to become Self Employed as my Research Science on advanced time space codes was coming to fruition. 2012 was the year that the Zodiac of Ra:ah was anchored as a new Galactic zodiac by having its start aligned with the Galactic center.

During the creation and work on the Oracle cards, making sketches and drawing a name for the book came to me. This was the most catalytic moment I've experienced. All the various aspects of the experience and research of my life was beginning to form all together in a fractal way at the same time as having what could also be seen as a linear narrative.

The chapters formed, and I was able to copy and paste much from the Infinity-codes website, and find old documents on the computer, all the graphics were all there ready in my archives and within a matter of months the Book was born, and the 1st print out of the draft was done in Spring 2015. Along with this was an Free online Pdf made available to download.

This new website is a more promotional website designed to support my continued work by offering various products out of the work and research and art I've made over the years.


There will be my Book available for Print on Demand ( Photographic quality )

Canvas Prints and Posters from my Library of Key Graphics ( Various textures )

The Oracle set will be available with an accompanying Guide book

There will be merchandise available too: T-shirt and Hoodies mainly to start with

* another new idea is a co-operative game called Arcturian Chess


I can provide alternative form of Galactic astrology based on a new Zodiac I developed in 2012, and received as a gift from spirit for awakening new levels of cosmic energy and I can provide divination through time and date and place of birth, using the Oracle as well to tune into the archetypes, and matching them to the astrological chart.

All aspects of this website will be available as a Sliding scale policy of trading. This is to reflect the current economic climate of dysfunction fractional reserve lending.

Which leads to my final section of the website, the Elementary Systems, and Food Thy Medicine. I've always been asked what is the practical use of re-aligning with the natural cycles. I will summarize here how these cosmic codes can help us work with the elements within our society and the elements we put in our bodies.

I hope you enjoy your time visiting this new site, am sure it will go through some changes over the years.

Blessings in peace

Raah Psirus

8 Imix 3 Star (8:8:8)

25th Feb 2016


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