Established 2002 - 2016


Live Visuals

Bookings ("sliding scale")

find me on facebook here > Visual Gnosis

Gear available:


3 projectors:

2x 2200 lumens

1x 3600 lumens


2 laptops: with 1gb graphics on board

Vga cables


2x Hexagon screens

8x Cosmic pillars


*New mapping decor available* Free for Cosmic

2xtotal for 2 projectors mapped

3xtotal for 3 projectors mapped

Triangles, mini Hexagons, shapes they are inter connect due to being based on Sacred Geometry !


£108 per night of Live Visuals


£54 per night per projector

*extra Visual decor requires Van transport*



Thats mimimum price + must include travel expenses

Feel free to offer more, as ive worked for

free past 15 years... (2002-2016)


Payment required in Full + upfront


Happy to help new startup festivals and nights in 1st instance for Free, to assist clubs to become established, and to support charity nights.


Not into commercial events


Supporting my Art and fair and honest energy/money exchange will assist with continued growth and expansion of Visual Gnosis project


Thank you for your interest :-)


Bom shiva !