Elementary Politics

An alchemical path beyond duality


The endless 2 sided debates, the constant us against them, always in extremes of wrong and right. Even with the idea of a 3 party systems truly the 3rd part doesn't seem to be aware of its symbology as the resolution of duality.

History has been a continuous power struggle and continues to follow this pattern, seemingly without awareness of its pattern or even the need to change. Though this change is happening as its natural to become more Holistic. Life seeks balance, harmony and symbiosis.

The diagram above could equally be called Holistic Politics, it focuses on the basic for living as in surviving. People will always have different opinions, but they will always share the need for food, shelter, warmth, water, clothes and a community of friends.

I think our world has got ahead of its self, and in this modern age of technological wizardry there is absolutely no reason why every person on this planet can't have the basic minimal to survive and be free to live in peace. Opinions being personal choice.

This could be seen as the opposite of un-restricted capitalism. But its not totally against capitalism. Its ridiculous we even need to discuss this foundational point of view. The same mistakes have be on repeat throughout history, when various empires have fallen its because they forget about their base layer of the pyramid.

The foundation of any pyramid is the hard working regular folks, of which the majority of this planet are, and I count myself among them. We have common sense of these issues as we actually live in states of poverty, not just discuss them in far of chambers, so its easy to see that the world isn't equal nor to scale.

This un-balance that's been on replay, has been passed down the generations by the ruling elites, Tribal despots, War chiefs, Landlords, Lairds, etc Kings & Queens, and the most recent addition being the modern Prime Minister or President. Instead of wars for who is King now we fight by voting and the media cast various spells like Warlock and Witches.

Truly times don't actually change only the style of clothes change, and the level of technology increase, but the basic way or life, or as its so fondly called "the way things are". Such like Religious dogma, Political dogma all has the same stench.

Just look up the name Machiavelli and see nefarious ways in which humans treat other humans because they fear they themselves may fall victim of the very same horrendous acts of which they commit.

It is a psychological disorder that has led to the need to create things like Nuclear deterrents, just because particularly aggressive males like to gather in very large groups and fight over who has the title to various lands, over and over... meanwhile the bankers make a killing on the financial markets.

How to find balance from all this mess, again another reason for returning to the Elements, it can also been seen as a Medicine wheel. The focus is to work harmoniously with nature and share the gifts of the earth as brothers and sisters.

The Banner of Peace and the 33rd degree north.

...maybe the regions should go back to their tribal roots?