Elementary Systems

Foundations of nature


Before the advent of modern chemistry and the realms that microscopes have led us down into smaller and smaller parts toward the inner worlds, there was a more basic framework for understanding reality.

This system is based on the 4 elements or Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These 4 elements were also usually related or seen to be guardians of the 4 directions. Usually depending on the local environment tribes would associate in their own way specific element to a certain direction.

* The way I've found as the most universal for this process is in the above diagram. Starting with the Earth in the lower half, or the ground level, this is the physical and solid form of things or Root. This ground beneath us being the Mother Earth to which our physical bodies return, and the depth of Winter and the Winter Solstice.

Next on the left we have Water, this is also the birth point, we are born from the waters into life or light (the fire above). From darkness to light, like at the Spring Equinox when the days become longer than nights. Water is the emotional and liquid form of things, we are connected by blood with our mothers, and to the ebb and flow of the Moon.

At the top is Fire, the light of life, the radiance of all living things, symbolized by the Sun, or the height of the Summer Solstice. This is the plasma or fiery form of things, as our hearts shines the flames of life. That spark within all, that spark of the divine creation which all elements are part of as without them all creation would not exist.

Next on the right, last but not least, the Air Element, in the end we breathe our last breath, and as our physical bodies returns to Earth, our Air or the summation of our breaths in life pass on too and return to spirit, the 5th element at the center of all elements, the All that is. These kinds of metaphoric stories found in all cultures are passed down in song and rhythm, Air is the also the element of speech and sonic aspect.

At the center of all these elements is the Ether or matrix that connects everything as one, there are various modern names for this like the Zero point fields, or the Quantum level of reality (everything contains atoms, and subatomic particles, or the ether level of reality).

Out in space there is no Air, as there is no Trees or atmosphere. Yet space still exists and that nothingness is still something, as for it to be absolutely nothing it wouldn't exist at all.