Established 2002-2016


Visual Gnosis project

The Visual Gnosis project was born out of a vision to expand upon the already existing electronic music and dance scene here in Edinburgh, Scotland. That along with the psychedelic artwork and decor, and the general high energy frequencies they radiate I would be inspired to start to learn about sampling videos and rendering fractals in Avi, Photo-jpeg, Mov, Gif & Swf.

At the time of its foundation I had shifted my presentation of time space codes from the purely Natural Time focus into Fractal Time level. I liked the idea of presenting moving and fluid visual landscapes mixed with fractals overlayed, like what I was seeing in my meditations, sacred ceremonies and while dancing.

Back when I started contemplating this idea there were on & off psychedelic trance nights here in Edinburgh, representing various sound systems and Dj collectives. Thinking back I think the 1st ones I did visuals for was the Timelord 2012 and Indigitous groups.

There I was handing out flyers for our P.a.n. Day of Time Magic gathering (day 108) at the Forest Cafe upstairs, when I bumped into brother Rowan who was handing out flyers for a new psychedelic trance night called Planet Monkey, they were happening on the same day. Nice synchronicity it was!

Having already been working with Visuals for a while by then I could offer Visuals to the mix to add to the events multi dimensional nature. These gathering went on and built up quite a momentum of events with workshops and various arts groups involved. Cosmic was eventually born out of this momentum, and has been going on ever since, with the occasional Free Outdoor party.

I've been involved with Visuals with most of these events (2002-2016) whenever I was free and available I would participate with these events and try my best with the tools and materials I had access to, to put on a powerful Visual show for our entertainment and to inspire cosmic revelations.

These events became more and more expansive and a large collective worked together to keep the energy going, Cosmic is now the longest running psy trance night here in Edinburgh, and is well known for being Cosmic ! Indeed it is.

Up until 2012 I had been functioning on a Donational basis, and through my work with Fractal codes I had also been attempting to build a new understanding of what I call Fractal economics. During this time I helped with the charity night called Random (Random Records) over many years, which was held at a local venue called The Bongo club.

Born out of the ashes of the 2012 transformational portal, I was determined to become Self Employed as my Research Science on advanced time space codes was coming to fruition. 2012 was the year that the Zodiac of Ra:ah was anchored as a new Galactic zodiac by having its start aligned with the Galactic center. Later in 2015 my book finally manifested to converge these Visionary aspects of my work together.

Part of my new business is also to developed Visual Gnosis to greater and greater levels, and since 2012 I've been expanding this idea, with help from small amount of Cosmic funds, to create new visual decor and expand into having 2 laptops & 3 projectors available for Visuals.

Since this expansion its become ever more apparent that in order to continue the Visual Gnosis project further requires I start to ask for payments to cover costs and time spent rendering visuals and creating unique Live Visual sets. This is also the purpose of this promotional website. is an Alchemy of all the main focuses of my life and work and the aim is to become fully self sufficient, and with any surplus develop it all further while keeping to the original inspirational intent and focus.

If you would like to Book me for Live Visuals -- here is my Bookings page :-)

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